Monday, February 1, 2010

date night.

interior of Barbounia

dan and i have decided that once a month we will take turns planning a date night for each other. he had january, but things were so crazy all month and suddenly we realized the end of the month was upon us (hence the last minute "surprise" date for saturday night :).

after a hellacious and ridiculous trip down to the east village for a friend's show (one of those terrible, horrible journeys that makes you hate new york and hate public transportation and hate the WORLD! there was a broken down train and then no trains at all and then a cab ride halted by gridlock traffic, then fire trucks and ambulances blocking everything, then (once the streets finally cleared) a timid cabbie who refused to STEP ON THE GAS!! an hour and a half later we finally arrived at our destination -- rockwood music hall -- VERY late, and so stressed out and angry that we immediatley had to DRINK ALCOHOL to calm our nerves. whew). anyway, after all that, dan took me out on our special surprise date :)

apparently, the original idea he had wasn't "available" on saturday night (but he still won't tell me what that is b/c he is saving it for another time) so we ended up having pre-dinner drinks at Flute, a fantastic little champagne bar with nookie seats to hide out in while sipping bubbly, and then dinner at an incredibly romantic and charming restaurant in gramercy. the setting felt very european (which i loved) and i couldn't get over all the cool lighting -- there were candles everywhere, which created the perfect magical setting for our date night.

so...though it started out a little (A LOT) rough, the night turned out to be lovely and special and therefore new york and i are once again on speaking terms :)

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