Thursday, February 4, 2010

Evening Skies.

evening sky ~ 2/3/10

evening sky ~ 2/4/10

The evening skies have been awesome here lately. Dramatic deep blues and purples. A beautiful gift at the end of my day.

In other news, I have spent much of this week researching things like shipping, pricing, etc. for my bowls & etsy shop. I am finding that there is a lot that goes into the behind the scenes work, in addition to actually making the product. So my days at the Day Job (between Day Job tasks, of course) are mostly spent researching other etsy sellers, artists & reading articles on The Storque (while sometimes also flipping through in case any interesting auditions come up).

The bowl making continues to be slow-going and tedious, but I am hoping to make some real progress this weekend. If I don't get some done and listed by the weekend I will have to put it off for another week (boo!) b/c we are leaving for Santa Fe next week (yay!).

I'll keep ya posted on my progress...


Candice said...

These pictures are gorgeous!!!! What kind of camera do you have? You take the best pictures!

That City Girl said...

Thanks, Candice! I have a Canon PowerShot D1100 IS. Nothing fancy, but I also do some photo editing to enhance (used to use my iphoto functions and photoshop, but lately have been using

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