Thursday, March 25, 2010

hungarian pastries & peacocks, oh my.

Hungarian Pastry Shop at 110th

Today after work I headed up to Morningside Heights to meet JanineK for some sweets & hot tea (both of which are good for this ol' cold or bug or whateveritis I can't seem to shake) at the famed Hungarian Pastry Shop. And it was a very lovely & interesting evening indeed.

The pastries were just as yummy as I'd heard, and I really dug the young, hip Columbia vibe of the place. Very fun. But the best part came post-pastries. JanineK said she had earlier spotted an albino peacock(!) strutting its stuff across the street in the garden of St. John the Divine. So we set out in search of said peacock because I was incredibly intrigued (and also because I wanted nothing more than to snatch a quick pic to share with you all on this here bloggie). But, alas, it was quite dark out by this point and we saw no signs of the creature.

Then. Just as we were about to leave. A startling sound. Coming from above. Ka-KAW! Ka-KAW! (I gotta be honest -- I didn't even know peacocks made such noises). We looked up to where the sound was coming from, and there it was! In all its albino glory! Up in a TREE! (my knowledge of peacocks is embarrassing -- they can actually fly? Seriously, how'd it get way up in that tree?). It was amazing. A ginormous WHITE peacock grandly spreading its feathers all about. SO. COOL!

My camera could not capture the magic of moment (but as you'll see below, I really tried), so I had to steal someone else's image off the web (tip: if you google "albino peacock + manhattan" you'll see a whole lot of this little fella).

theirs (the people out there in cyberspace):



What? You can't see it? Click here for (not much) help.

{ooh, and I just found this: a whole webpage dedicated to pictures of our little friend}

The end.

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