Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Le Carrousel

Le Carrousel in Bryant Park

Today the sun was shining (there I go with my weather talk again) and I felt a smidge better (not 100% -- but better). But I still didn't take any pictures (sorry!). My head's been in a fog. But here is a happy little picture from last week to keep us going til the next one.

Did you know about this carousel in Bryant Park? It makes me happy. And also curious as to where else in the city one can find a good carousel ride. Apparently Central Park has one (really? never seen it) and so does Coney Island. Here is a full list of all the carousels in the area just in case you find yourself in the city and in need of a good Merry-Go-Round.

1 comment:

Anna said...

The one in Central Park is right across the road from the ice skating rink. Sort of just below Sheep's Meadow. Never rode it though - do they let adults ride carousels? I'd be all about it just because :)

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