Monday, April 26, 2010

Another (cold) rainy Monday...

a look at the day from underneath my umbrella. again.

Ugh. And it's supposed to continue through WEDNESDAY. And it was a bad day on top of that. UGH. Contemplating a move to sunny Florida right now. Or a Caribbean Island (I hear Antigua is lovely).

Staying in and eating take-out helps erase some of the bad feelings about the day a little. So does Dancing with the Stars and red wine. However, I am supposed to be in the Village right now watching a cabaret show with friends. Feeling a little bit guilty for not going, but heading back out there into that terrible, awful stink-town weather, getting on a train, schlepping through the Village in boots and raingear and, was really the last thing I wanted to do after such a long, hard day. And sometimes you gotta prioritize YOU, you know what I'm saying?? (ok, so i still feel bad. but at least i am dry. and relaxed :)

Also: remember this post and this post? Now you can purchase those two photos in my Etsy shop right now. Yes, that's correct, I've branched out from the bowls. Feels good. And more stuff to come....!

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