Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fresh Air.

The San Remo, Upper West Side

It wasn't the greatest day today, I will admit. In fact, it was downright tough.

Did you know that today was Administrative Professionals Day? I know, it's easy to forget. And you wouldn't really know it from looking at my office. Except if you saw most of the admin staff being taken out to a lovely lunch at a restaurant across the street. Which looked nice. And fun. I wouldn't know -- I covered the front desk while they were all gone. Yep. That's not really my job and my 2 bosses therefore had to okay it (that is, my time & services being taken away from them for a 2 hour period), but I suppose it never occurred to them to ask *why* I was covering the front desk. Or *why* the other admin assistants were being taken out for lunch. What I'm (discreetly) trying to say here is that they TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT ME.....for the 4th YEAR IN A ROW!!! Sheesh. (I'm not bitter though).

Needless to say, I left work feeling a little frustrated and sad.

But then I got to my fellowship group. Have I told you about these fab ladies? Every Wednesday night I head up to the Upper West Side near Riverside Park to a warm, inviting apartment where a group of amazing women are gathered to share community, food, prayers and some (sometimes hard but always life-giving) biblical truth. Tonight it was like walking into a breath of fresh air. Clear, fresh air that I so desperately needed after the old, stinky woe-is-me air I'd been choking on all day.

Not only are they each so comforting and lovely in their own unique ways and personalities, but the studies seem to always be so applicable and just what I need. Like tonight. So much encouragement. So many a-HA! moments. So many reminders of how BIG and DEEP and REAL God's love is and where true joy and meaning comes from (which I know all sounds so trite and cliché. but tonight was one of those rare moments when those words cease being JUST WORDS and suddenly take on this very vivid and rich meaning, like with (mental) pictures and everything, and you just GET it. and it's this amazing feeling that sinks into your heart and warms you up and makes you feel okay in your own skin and life. you know what i mean?!?). Sigh. Anyway, I left with some little nuggets of goodness tucked away in my heart, which I plan to climb into bed with and ponder/journal about once I am finished here.

It is always good for my soul (and mood) to be reminded that there is so much more beyond ME and the little aggravating hurts and annoyances in my life. Fresh Air. It does a body good. Can I get an a-men?!

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