Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello, Brooklyn.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

So. Last night. Brooklyn.

It was delightful! We'd been wanting to try the Biergarten for awhile now, so decided last night was the night since the weather was so darn pleasant. And let me just recommend to EVERYONE right now: GO to the Biergarten!! Oh. my. goodness. SO fun. The ambiance was amazing (I felt like we were in the middle of some little European village), the beer was great (obviously), the music -- so good (very old timey and fun), and the food...oh, the food. Didn't expect much, to be honest, and the other factors would have been enough for me. But wow. The food was fantastic! Better than fantastic, really. Just....well, you need to go see/taste/experience it for yourself (and I'd recommend the chicken). That's all.

Happy Friday!

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