Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Journey.

beautiful Chrysler

I am thinking about the journey tonight....what led me here to the city initially -- the changes, maturation and LIFE I was seeking at the time -- and all that has happened and unfolded since then (all of those things and more).

What is it about New York? Why do so many people (including me) flock to it, craving a fresh start? A new beginning? It seems to be the symbol of so many things: dreams and ambition, for sure, but also growth and enrichment, possibility and freedom. But sometimes you reach that point of enrichment and growth, and then it is time for new experiences, new opportunities of growth.

This week has been really hard for me, thinking (nostalgically) about the girl that I was when I first moved here, knowing that I will never have that experience or feeling again of heading into the Big City all by my lonesome, the terror and excitement and anticipation all mixing together, my dreams and hopes for what *could be* looming so large inside of me. (Not that I am ruling out the possibility of moving back here one day -- it could be a possibility -- but the circumstances would be so different the second time around).

But I have to remind myself that THIS is what I was after when I came here. All of this, that I have now. And when I think back over all of the New York experiences I have under my belt -- the off-broadway show, the gigs, the classes I participated in, all of the wonderful friendships made, etc., I am proud of that girl. Happy she took the plunge, happy it turned out the way that it did. And yes, happy for this next chapter to begin. It is time to keep moving ahead, keep growing, to keep adding on those new and enriching experiences. And this time I don't have to go into it all by my lonesome, I have a buddy to go with me. And that makes me *very* happy :)

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