Monday, June 21, 2010


sunset on the Hudson

moving update: we are officially in the throes of it all, with half of our lives packed up in boxes and stuff everywhere. there's no turning back, now! lots of emotions are spilling out all over the place, but it's okay. even with the difficulty of this transition, there is still excitement. truly.

i have lots to share from the weekend (party at the boat basin + shakespeare in the park) but for now, it's late and so i must sign off. more tomorrow.


Carly said...

Hi! It's Carly (i emailed a few months back)
Good luck with your move. I am going through some of the same things saying goodbye to Korea and taking in all the last moments in this amazing country. I move home July 1st. It's been fun reading your stories as I feel I'm doing the exact same things here in Korea. Best of luck with the move and the new apartment & job! I will continue to follow your lovely stories of your new life in BOSTON! :) I have family there and I visited the city several years ago. Its beautiful!
Guess I don't need to say this as you seem to do this everyday, but enjoy every last moment you have in New York! The lovely lovely city!
All the best!

That City Girl said...

Thanks Carly! It helps to know that I am not alone in going through this process of transition! Good luck to you as well as you wrap up your time there...

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