Saturday, June 19, 2010

The List.

I know I keep referring to this elusive "list" without ever really sharing what's on said list, so I thought I'd post it and let you in on all of my New York dreams and goals to accomplish before leaving in just one short week. (you might note that most things revolve around food & entertainment, and that many are things I've already done before. what can I say? I like good food and good fun and therefore try to fill my life with those two things as often as possible :). In no particular order:

Piano Bar*
Bike ride around Central Park
The Cloisters
New Leaf Restaurant
South Pacific
Rock of Ages
Jersey Boys
HighLine Park w/ friends*
Chelsea Beirgarten
Williamsburg Biergarten*
Rice to Riches*
Salsa dancing
230 Rooftop Garden Bar
Balthazar Restaurant
Shakespeare in the Park*
Boat Basin*
Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar*
Walk across Brooklyn Bridge*
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Grimaldi's Pizza
Bryant Park movie*
Classical music in Central Park*
Picnic in Central Park
Museum of the City of New York
Yankees game*

*Repeat activity


Anna said...

Thanks for sharing The List! I've been wondering and meant to ask actually. Can't believe you never went to a Yankees game! Somehow I ended up going to several even tho I'm not really a baseball fan. Lots of fun stuff on there. Hope you get to lots of it!

That City Girl said...

I've probably forgotten some stuff, too.....can't believe how quickly time is flying. Only a few more days and still so much to accomplish! (and I am TIRED). Oh well, I can sleep later, I guess...(oh and I have been to a Yankees game, need to correct that. But it was before I moved here).

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