Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movie Moments.

looking west from e. 79th

Sometimes walking around in New York feels like a movie. Especially on warm summer days such as today. Beautiful people everywhere, beautiful neighborhoods, balmy summer breezes and a lightness in the air. Then throw in a walk across Central Park and a good dinner with good friends, and it's pure movie-like magic.

And speaking of movie moments in New York, there have been two separate film crews set up in our neighborhood in the last few days. First, a movie called Something Borrowed (which apparently stars Kate Hudson and John Krasinski, neither of whom we saw, dangit) being shot at Isabella's on Columbus Ave., and then today a whole crew set up on 69th Street for the filming of something called "Rubicon" (which google tells me is a new political drama on AMC). Pretty cool.

And speaking of TV/film, etc., I now have a YouTube channel! (okay, that was a weak segue, sorry). Finally some of my live music out there on the world wide web for all to see (eek). Enjoy!

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