Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Name that City!

So I was planning on just telling you about our trip & the various places we saw, but then Dan came up with an idea that's much more fun...name that city! I will post some photos of the places we visited on our trip out west (that's your first clue), and let's see if you can guess the city/town by the looks of it! I have absolutely no idea how identifiable these are by picture, so we'll see what happens :) I will post the answers sometime in the next couple days.

No. 1:

No. 2:

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

good luck!


dbw said...

Can I play?

Terry's Girl said...

I can't believe you were in Canada, I always thought I would finally get to NY one day and meet you.
here are my guesses

1. Calgary
2. Banff
3. Vancouver

this is were I am really guessing:

4. Gabriola or Salt Spring Island
5. Victoria

Enjoy Boston....Love your blog so much!

laurie said...

FUN game! :) Let's see..#1: seattle, #2: Colorado, #4: oregon??

Welcome "home" to boston!! :)

Carly said...

i was out west too actually! on our way back from korea we stopped out west for 10 days and had some adventures....went from vancouver and made our way in a trusty rental car to calgary...such fun!
our paths may have crossed without even knowing it!
either way, can't wait to hear about your adventures...
welcome back to boston! enjoy!
here are my guesses.

1. calgary
2. banff
3. vancouver
4. victoria or seattle
5. eek...not sure jasper?

take care,
carly :)

That City Girl said...

Good job, Carly & Terry's Girl (and good guesses Laurie :)! Where in Canada do you live, Terry's Girl? Carly, that is wild, we did the same exact trip just in the opposite direction! When we you there? We were traveling from Calgary to Vancouver July 5-9.

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