Monday, August 2, 2010

A few things...

a little pocket of Boston

1) happy Monday! (Mondays are much happier these days for me now that I am working for myself :)
2) we finally left our Cambridge bubble this weekend and went exploring around Boston. it felt so good to be in a 'city' city again. as much as I love Cambridge (and am truly glad we decided to live here, closer to Harvard and Dan's new community) I do miss that gritty city vibe sometimes. so it was nice to be back in the middle of it all, amidst the skyscrapers, snapping city pictures for the blog again (I know my pics have been lacking lately :)
3) we found two amazing places in South End on Saturday night: Masa for dinner & Beehive for drinks and jazz.
4) watching The Bachelorette finale now and whoa. the drama never disappoints! how do I always end up hooked on this show? every. time. I have to say though, it looks like a happy ending this time.
5) new listing up on Etsy! check it out :)

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