Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back Bay & New Art.

Back Bay brownstones (and more ivy)

After a trek into the city (twice in one week!) for some work-related appointments in Back Bay (an incredibly charming neighborhood full of beautiful, old brownstones), I am feeling a bit under the weather this evening. Darn summer cold. They're the worst. And so I am trying to take things easy and rest tonight. Which is not easy to do when 1) the only thing on television is America's Got Talent and 2) I can't shake this nagging feeling that there must be *something* I should be doing.

That is one of the tricky things about "being my own boss" that I've discovered so far -- sometimes it's hard to *stop* working. Whether it be sitting at my desk and actually making something, or sitting behind my computer editing photos, listing things on Etsy, blogging, etc., etc., I always feel like there is something I could/should be doing.

And so I am going to keep this short & sweet tonight. But not without first plugging the new stuff on Etsy I just listed! (teehee).

*Finally, the bracelets are back! (and more will be listed this week)*

*And my latest project (drumroll): ornaments!*

I know the furthest thing from our minds in this sweltering summer heat is Christmas and/or holiday paraphernalia, but look how pretty! Plus I think anytime of year is the right time of year for some New York magic, don't you? More of these to come...........!


Candice Pair said...

I wish I lived in one of those houses! Second...love you stuff! I'm going to need one of those ornaments, too!

laurie said...

i have a cold too! :( boo!! hope you are on the mend like me. Love your etsy stuff! TALENTED!! :)

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