Friday, July 23, 2010

A good day...

my kitchen!

It was a good, good day here in Cambridge, Mass. (that, after typing it all up here, sounds quite mundane & boring. so read at your own risk!).

Remember the very part-time job up here that I mentioned last month? That began this morning, but it was quite fun & creative work, involving meeting new people & taking photographs(!). I definitely like having a little bit of 'structured' work to do outside of my own work, yet it is something that is so much more free than being stuck behind a desk in an office.

Then there was a welcome picnic over at the Harvard Kennedy School for all of the MPA students and their families, and so I got to meet some of Dan's new classmates (all of whom were incredibly nice & interesting). It made me feel more connected to our new community here.

From there we walked home in drizzly rain that then turned into POURING rain, which made for a most perfect environment in which to nap & bake (in that order). Bizarrely, I woke up from my nap absolutely craving baked goods! I had all of the ingredients for Toll House cookies, except just half the amount of butter. So after a bit of googling, I found this recipe -- and perfect! (I added the nuts back in & then a half a cup of coconut. good).

I had a little moment of total joy and contentment as I stood in my amazingkitchenthatIlove (see above - isn't she pretty??) mixing cookie batter. The back door was open and I could hear & smell the rain (I've been living on top floors of apartments for years so this idea of having a "back door" and a little porch still makes me giddy) and I just felt so happy to be here. Happy to be having this experience of living in New England for the year in this cute, colorful apartment with my husband. It was a good & welcome feeling, especially after a week of roller coaster emotions & New York nostalgia.

But how can you not feel happy in a sunny space like this?

my little nook by the back door. i love my nook.

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dbw said...

Nice pics baby!

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