Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vacation Revealed!

at the top of Sulpher Mountain in Banff National Park

Okay, so here we go.....! The answers revealed from Tuesday's post:

1. Calgary
2. Banff
3. Vancouver
4. Seattle
5. Santa Fe, NM

Congrats to Terry's Girl & Carly! Impressive job :) I know that last one was a tricky one. We started in Calgary, rented a car and drove west stopping at Banff National Park, Lake Louise, then made our way over to Vancouver (which is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen). After that we headed down to Seattle for some family time w/ Dan's extended family, then ditched our rental car & flew to Santa Fe, NM to see my dad. It was an incredible trip. I LOVED the Canadian Rockies -- Banff & Lake Louise were stunning, the scenery unreal. We took way too many pictures so I won't bore you all with endless mountain shots, but here are a few highlights:

Lake Louise (this picture doesn't do it justice)

bears! and elk! (luckily we were still in the car for these shots)

Vancouver city lights

snowball fight in July at Mount Rainier

1 comment:

Terry's Girl said...

Thanks! That was fun. And I felt some pride in seeing shots of our stopming grounds on your blog. Terry and I got married in Banff last August on the river banks near the Bow Valley Falls. Banff/Canmore is our happy place, my bumper sticker even says so! :o)

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