Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More randomness (on a Tuesday)...

under the bridge on the Charles

~so. last night. it was pretty fun! i didn't win (boo) but i did make some good connections and got encouraging feedback. plus it looks like (according to the host who books for other venues) it could potentially lead to a gig in the not so distant future. yay! it was a late, late night, but we stuck it out til' the end (even my mom!).
~speaking of my mom: she is on a plane heading back to D.C. right now after a fun-filled few days together (thanks, mom!).
~& back to singing. watching Glee makes me want to be on Broadway. bad. just singing my heart out. (i mean, did you see the "Home" episode??). sigh. so good.
~speaking of Broadway, i've been featured in a Broadway-themed Etsy Treasury. pretty rad. if it ends up on the Etsy homepage that means lotsa traffic for my store (which i need).
~& speaking of Etsy, i've been listing new stuff lately. like this whimsical bird collage ornament, a totally (non-city) new direction for me. (one day, when i was with bored with cutting up snippets of NYC pics, i caught a glimpse of my fun vintage-y bird stickies, and *voila*):

~& these new little star guys:

~that's all for now. time for bed. have a good night!

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