Monday, August 30, 2010

Randomness on a Monday.

Boston sky

Not much time for writing today (and my computer is not behaving, making everything I try to do on here ten times harder) but a quick post to say we all arrived safe & sound back in Boston on Saturday! Have been busy little bees ever since showing mom the sights & sounds of our new city, sorta half-diving back into artwork & Etsy-ing (me), and "shopping" for classes (which is sort of like previewing) in preparation for Harvard Kennedy's Fall semester (Dan)...among other things.

AND, some random exciting-ness, tonight I play my very first Boston show! Okay, well it's not really my show, per se, but rather an open mic, so I will be contributing only 10 minutes of music to the night. BUT it's also a competition (a very competitive one, apparently, because I had to sign up four weeks in advance), and if I win *then* I get my own show! Or share the stage with past winners. Or something like that. But it's a start! And this is what I did (open mics, competitions, etc.) when I moved to New York, and that turned out pretty well. So I am excited! If you are reading this and live in the Cambridge area (though I really don't think I have any Cambridge readers. Do I?) then come on out to Lizard Lounge this evening at 8pm!

Wish me luck :)

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