Monday, August 16, 2010

The Weekend (& the Gold Dome).

The Massachusetts State House

The weekend was full & lovely (the highlight still being Tootsie, of course). Apart from that we also did one of Boston's famed Duck Tours (are they famed? I keep hearing about them). And as much as I typically dislike guided tours, this one was pretty darn fun. I mean, the bus turned into a boat, people! And I do love boats. And things that transform (into boats). And cities. So I was pretty content :)

I will try and post some of the fun facts that we learned on this here blog over the next few weeks. Like, that gold dome up top? The real deal. 23k gold. (It once was made of wooden shingles). I also took enough pictures to last us for at least the next month, (a good thing b/c I was running pretty low (I don't get out much)).

And on a completely unrelated note: guess what? I AM GOING TO NEW YORK IN TWO DAYS. And am a little bit excited about it :) From there, it's vacation time down at the Jersey Shore (no, not that kind of Jersey Shore) w/ my fam! So. Excited.

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