Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Library adventures.

shots from Widener Library (taken with my new iphone! :)

Our evening took a slight turn since we messed up the time for this event and were essentially locked out and told to leave upon arriving several minutes late (grrr).

So we decided to wander through Harvard Yard and check out the famous Widener Memorial Library*. Which turned out to be a magical little adventure.

Being there reminded me how much I love and miss school. I've always loved the idea of returning to the world of academia one day (for a masters in either fine arts or art therapy. or theology. should probably make up my mind first). I am a little jealous of Dan right now, so immersed in all of these fascinating classes with such fascinating people -- until I see the stack of books he has to read every night, then the jealousy fades a bit.

But it was fun to live vicariously through him tonight as we wandered around this incredibly rich, historical establishment. A magical book-filled adventure.

*read the wikipedia entry on Widener here. pretty fascinating.

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