Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap (Cape Cod style).

Cape Cod, Ma

One of the perks of living in Boston is that places like Maine and Cape Cod are close enough for a day trip, but far away & different enough to feel like a magical min-vaca.

It was Dan's birthday this weekend (hooray!) and I wanted to take him somewhere special for dinner (ie: ocean views!). Since Cape Cod has been on our wishlist of places to visit, that is where we decided to head on Saturday morning.

We made our way around the Cape pretty leisurely, popping out of the car at various times in various towns, turning down random streets when we felt compelled to (which was spontaneous & fun :) and finally ended up in Chatham just in time for our sunset dinner reservations. It was a stunningly beautiful restaurant with sweeping ocean views (and deleesh food).

And then we turned around and went home. Just like that, a day in the Cape. Perfect :)

ps ~ though it was dreamy, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic about where we were this time last year, wishing we were there again now, reliving it all. sigh.


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