Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Fall!

a pretty store in Harvard Square

Finally, the day I've been waiting for, September 21st*, the first day of Fall, hallelujah! (I love Fall).

But instead of feeling free & full of possibility at the start of this season, I felt a little lost, unsettled, sad.

This changing your life and moving to a new city thing can be pretty rough, people. I keep waiting for it to *not* be rough, and there are certainly moments of non-roughness, but there are also lots of moments of the aforementioned lostness/unsettledness/sadness.

Thank goodness for Dan, who, though buried in books much of the time, is my rock, my bff, my sanity.

And thank goodness for Anthropologie, which is just a brisk 15 minute walk away in the heart of Harvard Square (a multi-leveled glass cube of goodness that I couldn't quite get a good photo of today). It's new in town & I'm happy she's here. I want this:

Wild Bramble Tote

You know what else helps? A new season of Glee. Hooray!

And one last thing that helps (see? this is helping, talking about what's helping): our apartment. Which I have finally gotten cleaned up, decorated & photographed. So tomorrow I'll share some pics. Sound good? :) See you then....

*I've always had it in my brain that Sept. 21 is the first day of Fall, but I just checked my calendar for verification & it says Sept. 23. And some internet sources say Sept. 22. Hmmmm. Anyone know?

1 comment:

laurie said...

yippee! i cant wait to see those pics of your apt!! :) Re. the day of fall, according to my sources (aka regis & kelly), today is the first official day of fall. So you can celebrate it again today!!:)

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