Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apartment tour!

Last week we hosted a small dinner party for some of Dan's classmates, which was just the motivation I needed to get those last few boxes unpacked (or shoved in closets), pictures hung, and shelves de-cluttered. Thankfully, I remembered to snap a few pictures while it was all still clean & shiny. So here it is, at long last -- our Cambridge apartment tour! Click on images for hidden notes & random info :) (everything looks very yellow/orange in these pictures. granted, most of the walls are painted yellow or orange (what they call "provencal"), but it doesn't feel so yellow/orange living in it as it does looking at it). Anyway. Onward

hallway to the kitchen. we have a hallway! with built-in bookshelves! so grown-up :)

a close-up of those built-ins (which I spent hours arranging and rearranging, using every HGTV design trick in the book)

my favorite room in the apartment ~ the kitchen (seen before here)

right off the kitchen is the guest bedroom/Dan's study nook (his desk is tucked back in the corner)

our bedroom, which we still need to work on making more cozy/pretty

our cozy living room ~ terrible lighting, my apologies

more built-ins and HGTV stylings, located in the living room adjacent to the couch

my "studio" (aka the art nook) which sits right behind the couch in the living room area ~ not so easy to keep this area clean

a close-up of my art desk, in all it's cluttered glory

And that's all folks! Thanks for joining me :)


Candice Pair said...

Cute apartment! Love the kitchen!

Candice said...

Love that kitchen! And I love that huge black and white of NYC! Apartment looks great! I need bookshelves like that!!

Laura Brown said...

I love the apartment! It is precious!!

laurie said...

katie thanks for the grand tour, hidden notes and all!! I LOVE your apt!! And your HGTV studies paid's decorated just beautifully. Hope to see it in person one of these days!

Anna said...

So cute! Ok, I don't think you can come to my house now because I don't know all those HGTV tricks that make it look so stylish! I just have books on a shelf :)

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