Monday, October 11, 2010

A (free!) Day at the Museum.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

I was already planning to take myself on an Artist's Date today since I've been sorely lacking in the inspiration/creativity department lately (and since it was a Federal Holiday so I had the day off :), but THEN come to find out that the Boston Museum of Fine Arts was charging ZERO for admission today rather than their usual $20 admission fee! So it was a no brainer. Off to the city I went, journal in hand, ready to be quieted, refreshed and inspired.

A few things I remembered/realized today while walking through grand rooms lined with Van Goghs and Renoirs: 1) I love art museums. And don't go nearly often enough (last time I was at the Met? seriously don't even remember. shameful.); 2) I love going to museums alone. I can skip over things without judgment, spend 5 solid minutes staring at an 18th century drawing if I want to, backtrack, sit down on a bench to journal/ponder, and leave whenever I want; and 3) Artist's Dates are FUN. And necessary to keep me motivated in my work and creativity.

It was a delightful afternoon and I am already planning my next Date (perhaps to here or here).

& up tomorrow: a recap of our perfectly lovely Fall weekend complete with photos of apples, pumpkins and charming sea coastal towns. stay tuned :)

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