Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Fall Dream...

Saturday was a Fall dream. A perfect New England Fall dream. Perfect weather (sunny, 68 degrees), perfect company (Dan...just Dan), perfect day (laid out below -- with pictures!).

First up, Russell Orchards, where we spent a few lazy hours wandering through the orchards, picking apples, eating apples, drinking cider, and relishing in some good old fashioned Fall fun.

Then we moved onto Gloucester, MA, which is an adorable little fishing town (as seen in The Perfect Storm and Mermaids) where we poked around a few stores & artists' studios, then grabbed lunch.

And then onto Rockport, MA, a town I immediately fell in love with for all of it's seaside charm and twinkle lights. Beautiful.

And then back home by 8:00 for a cozy night in and some take-out
(I love how close together everything is in New England -- daytrips!)

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