Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hipsta-mania & Harvard

trying out my new iphone app in Harvard Square ;)

I've officially jumped on the Hipstamtic app bandwagon. And I like it :)

And in other (more important) news: I attended my first Harvard class today! One of the perks of being the spouse of a Mid-Career/MPA-er is being able to sit in on & audit classes. I've been a tad intimidated to do so up until this point, but a friend of mine (another MPA spouse) invited me to go with her to a Public Narrative class today...so I did. And it was GREAT. Fascinating, thought-provoking, challenging. All that good stuff and more.

And it made me realize what an incredibly unique position we are in right now. Having access to so many interesting opportunities, people, ideas. It really is amazing. And I don't want to sit idly by, missing New York and my old life, while these opportunities are out there, ready for the taking. So I gave myself a stern talking to today (in my head. don't worry I'm not crazy) and decided it was time to jump in. Both feet. Classes, lectures, auditions, friends, LIFE. Let's DO this!

(so, in that vein, tomorrow night I am going to my first Boston theater audition. eek!)

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