Friday, October 29, 2010

Scotland: A Tour

Okay -- so a (not so)quick tour of my time in Scotland...with pictures! 
(everything is better with pictures, no?)

First up: the west coast of Scotland, where Erin & her little family reside, tucked away in a quaint village overlooking the sea. Magic. Some days we were so swallowed up in adorable baby-ness that we didn't really get out much, except for a quick stroll around the village or through green meadows or down by the beach. Which was A-Okay with me. These are all things (in addition to spending quality time with good friends/cute babies) that are major list-toppers on my List of Things that I find Wonderful. So it worked out pretty well.

Next up on the tour: Edinburgh, where I spent a day traveling solo since it was too much of a trek for the kiddo. Edinburgh is one of those cities that just oozes history, charm and magic, complete with it's own castle atop a hill. I'd been before, but it was a long time ago, so it was a real treat to roam these beautiful city streets once again. There was some shopping and cafe-sitting/coffee drinking, but mostly just a lot of walking & taking in all the sights of a perfect and dramatic, cloudy Scottish day. 


And lastly on this here tour: Glasgow!, which was another highlight of the trip. Erin, Eilah and I made a day of it, spending most of our time in the West End eating pub food, poking in & out of boutiques, drinking coffee & soaking up the sunshine (yes, SUNSHINE!). It was a lovely & full day, and baby Eilah handled her first trip to the big city quite beautifully (as did her mama). 

And that's a wrap people! It's taken me waaay too long to finish this post (2 days!). But thanks for joining me on the tour -- hope it made you fall a *little bit* in love with Scotland. 

Have a great weekend! xo 


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rebecca said...

beautiful! looks like a dream getaway...

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