Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear New York:

Columbus Avenue

Oh, New York, I was so happy to see you when we first drove in. I remembered the magic. The possibility. So many good memories. And then you threw every traffic and parking hurdle at us in the book, some that aren't even listed in the book, causing to us to spend almost as much time in our car in Manhattan alone as the rest of our entire trip down from Boston, reminding me of your screw-you, tough-love, take-no-prisoners attitude towards your inhabitants. A little magic was lost, but still I manage to love you, anyhow. It's all part of your charm, somehow. Just as we see the skyline along Central Park South and start to melt a little, you chew us up and spit us out in a heaping, sloppy pile of goo. But even from that pile of goo, the view is still quite beautiful.



Carly said...

hi katie,
so guess what? my family has planned a trip and we're heading to Boston this sunday to visit my aunt and uncle who live there...then taking the train to NYC on wednesday until Sunday to see more of my moms family. long lost cousins she has just recently reconnected with. these two cities obviously made me think of you. anything you recommend that are a MUST see in both cities?
hope you enjoy your time in NYC. i still follow your blog every week to see what excitement you're up to! you're such a great writer. i just recently moved into my very own apartment and will be started a new blog up soon. will keep you posted in case you'd like to follow my blog too! :)
take care and enjoy New York...chaotic traffic and all.
carly :)

That City Girl said...

hi carly! so sorry not answer you sooner -- just got back from new york! i will send you an email with some recommendations :)

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