Monday, November 15, 2010

New York: a recap

Upper West Side water towers

Back from New York, people. And I. am. exhausted. Seriously pooped.

There was lots of walking. Lots of talking. Lots of connecting with people. 2 shows. A service. Brunching. 'Rita drinking. Piano-barring. And much, much more. All things that I've missed. All things that fill up my heart.

And something I realized this weekend:  it is much easier to live in New York City than to visit New York City. Which may come as a surprise to you. But visiting is not for the faint of heart, my friends, believe me. So much to do and see and experience in such a short amount of time. And all without a home or a resting place to lay down your tired, old bones. I can't tell you how many times I said to Dan or a friend this weekend, "I just want to go home." And I didn't mean Boston, but our old Upper West Side home. Where there was a couch. And a bathroom. And a bed. All of our very own. Walking around New York endlessly takes serious stamina, and without that resting place with all the familiar comforts of home, it was just....exhausting. 

Not to say that the trip wasn't fun or wonderful or nostalgic or magical. It was all of those things. The only thing that was missing was our sense of place. Otherwise, perfect. 

(And I already miss it). 


Anna said...

I hear ya on that friend! The missing it gets easier, but the tiredness while visiting doesn't. Because you have to take in as much as you can while you're there! I get it! :)

bebe said...

Yes. The stress of a visit, with a "must see" list, plus all the magical little diversions that sidetrack you along the way... stress is the word. Let's face it, for as many things as you can add to the "must see" list, there are a hundred other amazing and magical spots yet to be discovered. And you don't want to waste not a second. Not one- they are too precious and fleeting!

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