Tuesday, November 23, 2010

feeling thankful.

I snapped this pic tonight. They're getting a head start on the Christmas magic over here in Boston. I'm not quite in the holiday mood just yet (Thanksgiving will do the trick), but still, I'm always a sucker for twinkle lights. 

AND I should also mention that this lovely strip of city magic shown above will now be home to the latest line of work from City Girl Designs! (that's me :) Yep, that's my big news! It's a wonderful store full of all handmade goods from local artists and I am now one of those artists! 

It's in a great part of town, part of the marketplace in Faneuil Hall, where (as you can see) the magic (and great shopping) abounds. I think getting out from behind my computer, where most of my artistic transactions take place, and into a real life situation with my art will be a really, really good thing for me. It gets tough being so isolated in my creative process, only interacting with customers via the web. Plus, it's just so dang exciting to finally have my artwork out there, in a real store! A big step forward for me.  Feeling thankful....very thankful. :) 

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