Monday, November 8, 2010

list on a monday...

i've been writing/editing all evening, and so my tired brain can't handle any more prose. how about a good old fashioned list?

~it was a good, good weekend. we totally burb'ed it out on saturday night at a mall and a chain restaurant (something we don't often do, but every once & again is bliss :). we even managed to have a romantic & lovely dinner sitting at the bar of p.f. changs
~i love monday night tv. dancing with the stars + castle. yes, please. 
~all i want to do when the weather turns cold is eat carbs. 
~dan is up to his eyeballs in projects/papers & feeling the pressure. pray for him if you think of it. thanks, gang. 
~thursday we leave for nyc! a long weekend back "home." sigh. 
~if you happen to be in nyc on sunday 11/14, stop by rockwood music hall at 7:30 where i'll be singing harmonies for my pal, aimee.
~there is something on etsy called a treasury in which a member (such as myself) can curate a grouping of listings into a masterful mosaic of loveliness using a certain theme or idea (such as "magic" or "red squirrels"). these treasuries are then perused by etsy staff for front-page worthiness, and if you so happen to be included in that front-page treasury, your product is then seen by *thousands.* i, myself, have never achieved front-page status, dangit, but i have been included in many beautiful & impressive treasuries. like this one today. and here is my one & only attempt at making one. 
~this list is pretty prose-y after all. oh well. goodnight.

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