Monday, December 6, 2010

a Monday list.

city & traffic

a list tonight b/c my brain is tired:
~it's very, very cold here in Boston. and everywhere else, i hear. 
~this past weekend was a nice mix of chill and busy. there was a dinner out, a movie in, and a harvard holiday ball. perfect.   
~there was also a lot of paper writing (dan) and etsy-ing (me).
~today was one of those days of fogginess and clouds (not the head) & i couldn't seem to quite *wake-up*.
~nonetheless it was a busy day of running around the city & burbs, mostly in attempt to restock my art supplies (ornaments, canvases, etc.) and ship packages.
~i'm excited to report that there's been a small flurry of activity and sales(!) lately in my etsy shop. which makes me *so* happy (and keeps me *so* busy). 
~and lastly, continuing with the etsy theme: a very small plug, if i may....if you're scrambling for gift ideas, why not buy handmade this year? :)

like these handy map ornaments for your traveling buddy:

or a broadway-themed ornament for that theater buff in your life? 

(and much more here)

support the arts! buy handmade :)

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