Friday, December 3, 2010

Charleston (that's a wrap).

Thanks for joining me on this tour of Charleston, friends! I don't have much more to share (in words). So I will just leave you with a few more random photos from last weekend and well-wishes for a lovely December weekend.  

i loved all the little nooks & gardens tucked away throughout the city...

...and of course the magical trees with their spanish moss... 

...and the beautiful water views.

love this, too. dan + beautiful wedding backdrop

us being silly/dramatic, etc.

i know they're not looking at my camera, but still love this shot. 
congrats to anna + jamie!


1 comment:

simplesecret said...

Loved your ode to Charleston; and seeing my city through your eyes! I don't think I ever really thought of it as a city until now. Which is kind of silly. But it's a lovely city and I'm glad to be here! LOVE your pic of us - will you send it to me? Love you! :)

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