Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold. Very cold.

the only thing warm around these parts....

I've been home from running errands for over an hour now and still. can't. get. warm. Despite the scarf and the blanket and the fire going. Sigh. I know I keep talking about the weather (sorry) but I really do feel like this winter is like one giant hurdle that I can't quite clear. Dan and I agreed tonight, as we drove home past 20 foot snow drifts and swerved our way down Massachusetts Avenue in order to keep from getting hit by reckless Boston drivers (no offense, Boston, but your driving needs work), that this place is tough. Or maybe it's just us? Don't know what's going on, but it's just....well, it's all just been a bit rougher than I/we imagined. Adjusting to this place and feeling connected and the weather, etc. There are certainly very high high-points (ie: getting to audit classes, rehearsals, etc.) but the day to day in all this gray/cold can be tough. 

Just have to remind myself that it would be that way in the vast majority of the country right now -- seems like we're all in a deep freeze. Even magical New York isn't immune to this mess, I know. 

Anyway, just venting a bit, from beneath my many layers of clothing and piles of blankets and...yeah -- just venting :)

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