Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy (day-after) Valentine's Day!

 rose petals served with dinner at Tangierino

Hope it was a lovely one for you! This was our first Valentine's Day together *not* spent in Santa Fe, NM with family. But all in all, our Boston-style V-Day was quite lovely. Firstly, the weather decided to cut us a break with some beautiful, 50 degree temps and sunshine. Bliss. Then, after a full and busy day of classes and errand-running, we headed out for dinner at a beautiful restaurant in Charlestown* that absolutely dripped romance, complete with scattered rose petals, red walls, low-lighting and yummy Moroccan food (Dan's pick :). A wonderful evening.  

*Charlestown is a great little neighborhood of Boston with charming, historic row houses lining quaint gas-lit streets. 

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