Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby News: It's a.....


We had our big 18 week ultrasound appointment yesterday and were thrilled to see a healthy, active (very active) baby boy! Even though my gut all along said GIRL (and I've always been good at guessing other people's babies!), I am so incredibly happy to know Dan and I get to raise a little boy together. (So much for those early "maternal instincts," eh?!).

It is interesting because the night before the appointment I had at least three different dreams in which we were told the baby was a boy at our appointment. And I felt confusion and disappointment in those dreams, because I was so sure it was a girl! After waking up, I took those to dreams to heart and tried to 'mentally prepare' myself for either outcome. And then I read this blog post (on having a boy) about 15 minutes before leaving for our appointment. Think God was trying to prepare me, perhaps? :) It's not that I even *wanted* a girl more, necessarily, it was just what I felt. So when we were in that quiet, dimly lit room with the technician, watching our baby dance on the screen and she said, "Yup, it's definitely a little boy" (then pointed out the evidence), all I felt was relief and joy and excitement (after the initial "REALLY??" moment and mental readjustment, that is). I'm not sure why I felt relief....maybe I *did* really want a boy after all?! Or perhaps it was finally knowing who this little person inside of me was...a HIM, not an IT! And you know? It feels right. It just made sense when she said boy...of course it's a boy! It is what was always meant to be :) 

We had a few minutes alone with our baby up on the screen while the technician went to print out her report and that's when it really hit me. Images flashed in my mind of our future: of a little boy who looks like Dan, with those big, kind eyes (be still my heart!) running around and getting dirty at the park, playing with toy cars, building forts, etc., and my heart just melted.  

All this to say: I am so, so happy :) Above all else, I thank God for a healthy baby so far and for a chance to witness such a miracle yesterday.

More fun shots from the day: 
on our way to the hospital to find out (I was so nervous!)

there he is! (it looks like he's smiling, I think)

belly shot! I feel like I look super-pregnant in that close-up, profile shot.
I think that outfit accentuated the bump :) 

celebrating that night w/ dinner and a concert...perfect ending to a perfect day 
(even w/ the crappy weather!)


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Anna said...

Aww, you're really preggers! I mean I've known you are but to see your little baby bump! So fun and exciting! I'm so happy for you guys and your little boy. And you look so happy! You have to keep posting pics of you as you go.

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