Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Update.

Central Park reservoir

...{I figured I would finally share some New York pics this week from our visit}...

It's been crazytown here lately, so please forgive my sporadic blogging. Graduation week wrapped up and the last of our guests have headed home. Still trying to sort out our future plans, figure out next steps, etc., etc....which sucks up a lot of energy, you know? Just feeling t-i-r-e-d lately. Not to mention it's been blazing hot here (no Spring temps for Boston -- straight from Winter to SUMMER!), which has been making me feel a bit run down and lethargic. Soon we are heading to the Florida Keys for a mini babymoon, though (hooray!), where staring into space and taking multiple naps a day is not only not frowned upon but encouraged! (hooray again!).

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