Monday, May 23, 2011

New York, Graduation Week, etc.

a bridge in Upper Manhattan, taken from the car

We are back from our weekend getaway to New York (plus a quick jaunt down to the Eastern Shore in Maryland for a friend's wedding on Saturday) and once again it was a wonderful whirlwind that has left me pooped (as I've said before: it's much less exhausting to live in New York than to visit, I think). Even though it rained part (most) of the time, it was still so lovely to reconnect with good friends and some of my old, favorite places in the city that make my heart happy.

And now we have a full week of craziness/busyness/excitement in front of us. Family is coming to town and Dan graduates this week, folks! Can you believe how quickly time has passed? I feel like we just got here, and that he just embarked on this journey of grad school, but here we are....another chapter behind us. And in front of us? Not totally sure at this point. There are some plans in the works, but nothing is for certain. We've been planning and praying and trying to make some decisions over here for quite some time, but so much is in flux that it's been hard to nail anything down. Throw into all of that a baby on the way, and what you get is a mild case of STRESS. Actually, I've been handling it pretty well over the last several weeks/months (if I do say so myself :) -- but now that school is officially done, and the baby's arrival is feeling not so surreally far away anymore, I must admit that a tad bit of stress has crept in! It will all work out, I know. It always does. Will keep you posted as things unfold!

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