Thursday, June 30, 2011

The ever-growing baby bump.

28 weeks!

Thought I'd post my latest belly explosion! Here I am at 28 weeks. Apologies for the strange orange color -- as charming as our apartment is with all of it's brightly painted walls, it doesn't make for the greatest photo backdrops/lighting!

I am officially in the third trimester now (according to my doctor, that is -- I didn't even know I had reached such a milestone!). I definitely have more aches and pains these days, and getting out of chairs as become quite the challenge with all that extra weight in front (like a little bowling ball!) and the lower back pain. BUT...aside from that, I am feeling pretty good! This little guy likes to move and wiggle and kick constantly, and Dan and I love staring at my belly at night, waiting for a big kick or (what we think is) a tiny foot poke out. Fascinating! 

Past belly shots here: 25 weeks, 21 weeks, 18 weeks


laurie said...

kaite!!! oh my goodness you are such a beautiful mommy to be!! I cant believe how far along you are already! Ooooh how i hope i get to see you during your pregnancy. Lots of love to y'all!! :)

Anna said...

I second Laurie's thoughts! You're glowing! :)

That City Girl said...

thanks, girls! :)

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