Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the 12th Day of Christmas...

Here we are...the start of our 12 days of Christmas (in New York) countdown! I thought we'd kick things off with Radio City Music Hall, home of the Rockettes and the *most* spectacular Christmas Spectacular Show (which I've seen twice now -- totally worth seeing). Dan and I spotted it on our Christmas walk the other night. A friend babysat for Miles while we went on a hunt for all things twinkly and magical (Fifth Avenue, the holiday markets, Rockefeller, etc.). Radio City fit the bill. And here are it's twinkly innards (taken last month at the aforementioned spectacular show):
Radio City Music Hall


Laura said...

Gorgeous! Lucky you! :)
My sister in law was in New York last weekend (I may have mentioned that already-who knows!). She went to see The Rockettes as well! They weren't planning on going but somehow ended up there. She enjoyed it as well! :)


Terry's Girl said...

Oh Yes!! its back! thanks goodness for your countdown. Life has been so busy with the three kids and so many afterwork activities Christmas is aproaching so fast i have thus far lacked my christmas 'tingle' moment....coming back here after so long away from the blogs your post/s have brought me there. Christmas in New day, for now I am so gratful for these blogs.
thank you for sharing despite your exhaustion (it will pass, trust me..but it will come back in different ways much daught is about to graduate highschool. my oldest...oye)
keep up the good blogging!! Donna

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