Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend recap (and the 12 Days of Christmas (in New York) countdown).

Columbia's campus, twinkle lights galore

It was a lovely, albeit sleepless, New York kind of weekend. There was a fun baby class with Miles and friends, an Elf watching party, Christmas celebration #1 with my dad (3 more to go!), a Christmas cocktail party with friends, some art-making, and the holiday market at Columbus Circle. It was busy, but full of lots of friends and twinkly New York magic. Unfortunately, Dan and I are utterly exhausted after another stretch of rough, sleepless nights with Miles. He just seems to really struggle with falling and staying asleep lately. It's like he can't shut his little eyes despite the fact that he's sooo sleepy, and once he tips over that edge, missing the window of sleep, he just gets overtired and then it's all over -- we know it will be a stormy, restless night for all of us. It's a vicious cycle. I have a book that was highly recommended to us that I've just started reading...hoping it will shed some light on the situation. 

In other news, Christmas is only 13 DAYS AWAY, people! (don't know how that happened). So you know what that means, right? :) It's time for my 12 Days of Christmas (in New York) countdown! Hooray! I am a little nervous to commit myself to this project since I don't get out as much these days -- plus we'll be out of town for part of it -- but maybe it will help me to remember to soak up the New York Christmas magic, despite my bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived state. So stay tuned!

Miles lounging on Grandpa during our Christmas festivities


Laura said...

That little bum just doesn't want to give in and go to sleep eh? Hmmm... a bit of rum might help! (I kid, I kid).
You'll know you've REALLY had it when you actually start considering that as an option. :P

I am not feeling the Christmas spirit at all this year. Except for the over eating part-I seem to have that going for me.
Perhaps your 12 days will get me going.
Looking forward to it all!


KCheb said...

We have Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, too! I haven't read it cover to cover, but I like to look at the tips for Marin's age. We did take a lot of the author's advice, and she's doing great. Wishing you many sleep-filled nights ahead!


That City Girl said...

Good to hear, Kristin! I am loving the book so far -- so insightful. I'd love to talk to you sometime about it all and compare notes :) Glad to hear Marin is doing great!

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