Friday, January 20, 2012

4 months!

So I am a little late with these photos this month...but look who's 4 months (as of 1/1/12 -- okay, so I am very late with this posting)! This was a big month for our little munchkin. Lots of milestones, like: rolling from his belly to his back, grabbing at things, laughing(!), and even helping to turn the pages of his bedtime story (well, he tries. sometimes the pages end up in his mouth). It really is quite amazing how quickly they change and grow. 
Our big appointment with the gastroenterologist last week went so well, and we are finally (finally!) feeling hopeful over here that Miles' issues could be resolved! The doctor thinks he has a severe allergy to all dairy and soy. Since I still breastfeed, I actually eliminated dairy from my diet back in November in hopes to help with Miles' sensitive tummy and the copious amounts of spit-up we were dealing with, but I only cut out the obvious ones: milk, cheese and ice cream. Apparently any and all traces of cow's milk can affect some babies, and about half of the babies with a dairy allergy also have a soy allergy. So I am now on a super-strict diet, including all by-products and hidden ingredients. The results so far have been AMAZING. He's like a different baby! The baby he used to be, before all of this got so out of control back in November -- chill, happy, calm. My baby is back! I'm so happy. (okay, so we're still not sleeping, but that will come in time, I have hope!).

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Laura said...

Whoo Hoo! So happy to hear that he is doing better. I know how relieved you must be. :)

You're right. The sleep will come. Some babies aren't good sleepers, regardless... (unfortunately).

I hope he keeps improving. I know how much you are enjoying these little moments.


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