Thursday, January 26, 2012


central park views at twilight. 

Thought I'd post a pic of NYC, like the old days. And maybe make a list of randomness, also like the old days. Here we go!

~little man has continued to improve on his new dairy/soy-free diet. hooray! sometimes there are still super difficult/fussy days, though. such is life, right?
~this new diet has forced me to cook more (like, every night. goodbye take-out!) and get creative with recipes. it's been a really, really good thing for us. tonight i made a peanut/coconut thai-like chicken dish. yummmm. almost as good as our favorite nyc thai take-out!
~a friend recently watched miles for us so we could go to the movies, something i daydream about often these days. we saw this. it was ah-mazing. and then i got the stomach flu later that night. not so amazing. taking care of a little one while sick is the worst.
~today miles got one of his vaccinations (we split them up since last time he had such a bad reaction w/ getting them all at once) and he didn't make a peep. no crying. no screaming. not one peep! crazy! such a brave little man. 
~i miss reading books. trying to get through this now (written by a friend of a friend) on my new nook (i got a nook!). and this, for sleep training purposes. has been impossible to make headway on either. 
~it's rainy here in NYC. feels like it's been raining a lot lately. hard to get motivated to schlep outside when the weather stinks.  
~i am feeling grateful for my friends these days. and grateful that we live in NYC again. b/c man, it's isolating enough being a new mama, i can't imagine not being in a city that i love and not being close to the people that i love. grateful. 
~have i plugged dan's new company on here? i haven't?? well here you go -- -- so proud of him.  

the end and goodnight. 

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