Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5 months!

Where is the time going? Here are Miles' 5 month photos (2/1/12). Look how chunky he's getting! So happy about that :)
He is steadily gaining weight now that we are getting his food allergies under control. Even still, there have been a few more issues and relapses (perhaps more allergies than we originally thought?) and so we are going back to the doctor this week to hopefully get to the bottom of this. Last week he had to have blood drawn for allergy testing and I am still traumatized....sooo awful watch. Poor little guy :(
We have gotten so many comments lately on what a sweet disposition he has. I have to agree, of course :) Despite all the challenges, he is still such a cheerful and sweet baby (even flashed the nurse a little grin between his heartbreaking cries after she stuck him with the needle last week!). 
All in all, we are doing great. Even if we still aren't sleeping (sigh). One day. 

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