Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An especially lovely Tuesday.

Bryant Park/NYC Public Library

it is late & i am too tired to formulate coherent sentences. but i will just say that it was an especially lovely tuesday. okay, well maybe i'm not too tired to make a little list of the loveliness :) here we go:

~more sunshine this morning (hooray!).
~a good, long chat on the phone with a good, good friend.
~the very happy news that another dear friend had a healthy baby girl (ok, so that was yesterday, but i forgot to mention it on here. it still made me feel happy today, so therefore it gets to be on the list of loveliness).
~a lovely stroll through bryant park after work tonight.
~a birthday dinner for a good friend at a charming little italian restaurant.
~lots of catching up with fun friends from the off-broadway show at aforementioned birthday dinner.

see? a very lovely day.

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