Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello, sun!

Empire State Building ~ this might be a familiar shot by now, but it's the view I see everyday while waiting for the elevator at my office building (sorry for the dirty window :)

It was a bright & sunshiny day here in New York City (thank goodness - I've missed the sun!). This is going to be a busy & packed week, and so I was glad to have a little down time tonight to eat take-out (mmm, pineapple fried rice) and indulge in a little reality tv cheese (the Bachelor Finale, people!) (anyone else watch? thoughts? I was disappointed but not surprised. watching 'After the Final Rose' now, & ugh! It's just oozing cheese!).

Still plugging away on my Etsy store though, even while "relaxing." Man this stuff is time-consuming! I'm making progress though, and the shop *will* be opening soon. Promise!

Also this week: a gig! If you find yourself in the New York area this Thursday night, come on by the Village. I'll be performing with talented songstress Aimee Bayles at Caffe Vivaldi, 9:30 p.m.!

That's all for now....

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