Tuesday, March 20, 2012

6 months!

It's that time again...here are Miles' six month photos (finally)! He had his big half birthday on March 1st.
Things are so good around here...sigh (that's me breathing a sigh of relief). It's no secret that life has been rough these last few months. There are still bumps and hard days (of course), but I am happy to report that things seem to have taken a turn for the better! Woo! Everyone who told us to just wait until month 6 were totally right. It's SO MUCH BETTER now! 
Now that we've gotten a handle on his allergies and such, Miles has turned into a pretty happy kiddo. He's getting so curious and much more interactive, which has been really fun to watch. We are definitely starting to see his little personality emerge more and more. He is so happy and cheerful and interactive at home with us -- loves to "talk" and play and laugh. When we are out and about with people he doesn't know very well, he tends to get a little shy and prefers to just quietly observe (kinda like his mama). 
He recently learned to roll from back to front, and is now a little rolling machine...which also means he is out of the swaddle and finally sleeping in his crib (as opposed to the car seat or bassinet). He loves story time at night, loves his Baby Einstein videos and loves his daddy. Seriously, when Dan walks into the room, Miles absolutely lights up (and tries to excitedly "walk" over me to get to him)! Melts my heart a little :)
Sleep could still use a little improvement, but all in all, it's been a great month!
getting him to sit still for these photos has become a challenge :) arms & legs are always going
(hands. whoa...)

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