Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge Adventures.

Last Saturday was probably one of my favorite adventures we've shared as a family since we had Miles. The weather was perfect and spring-like (and Miles had gotten two good naps in before we left -- very important!), so we headed downtown to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which is one of our favorite NY things to do. We took a lot of photos, as usual :) 
all napped up and ready for the journey
a pause on the bridge for a snack
posing for the camera 
(on his forehead there is his sweet little 'stork bite' birthmark that pops out when he's warm/happy/upset, etc. :) 
one of my new favorite pictures in life 
It was such a glorious day -- the weather, the city, the company. Glorious. After we walked across the bridge, we wandered around Brooklyn Heights, one of the most charming pockets in New York in my opinion, and picked out which brownstone we'd like to live in one day (a very fun game :). It reminded me of the old days, when Dan and I would set out on a warm summer Saturday and explore the city by foot. Miles' nap schedule sometimes makes it feel a little impossible to think about such adventures anymore, so this gave me hope that *maybe* we can do things like this more often!

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