Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello again, High Line.

We recently decided to venture out beyond the comforts of home (Upper West Side) to the very hip and trendy Meatpacking District, one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. It always makes me wish I lived in a loft and had cooler clothes.
It's so fun and buzzy in the Meatpacking District and there's so much to get a DELICIOUS sandwich from Chelsea Market (seriously, I daydream about this one particular turkey sandwich I got down there awhile back), grab a drink at one of the many trendy restaurants, pop into Anthropologie, admire the quaint cobblestone streets and the model-like pedestrians in their very beautiful clothes walking on them, and of course, visit High Line Park
On this particular day the weather was perfect: bright blue skies and not too hot. We didn't have enough time for a proper sit down meal so instead opted for the aforementioned turkey sandwiches which we ate atop the High Line. All was perfectly lovely...until Miles' major meltdown in the middle of lunch. Thankfully it passed somewhat quickly (whew) and so we continued our walk along the Park in the Sky, admiring the beauty of the busy, buzzy streets below (there's nothing like that New York buzz, ya know?). 
There was no grass to let our squirmy baby loose on, but eventually we let him down to examine the cracks in the walkway. 
He's very thorough :) 
As the sun began to dip lower into the sky, our baby boy started to get a little cranky and antsy...and more meltdowns ensued...and we had to rush home for his bedtime honestly? Walking the High Line with a baby is maybe slightly less romantic/relaxing than leisurely strolling hand in hand with your love on a beautiful summer evening...however, I am still glad we did it. It was fun to break away from our normal routine of parks and swings in our neighborhood and try something new. :) And somehow, magically, like so many things in life, once you download the pictures and think back to the experience, selective memory kicks in and you think: "Awww, what a beautiful *perfect* moment that was!"
And in so many ways, it really was :)
subway ride home with my boys

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