Friday, August 10, 2012


1) Olympics, Olympics and more Olympics. Loving beach volleyball, gymnastics, swimming.
2) Devouring the Hunger Games series. So good.
3) Constant heat and humidity here in New York which seems to have blanketed my life/brain in a muggy fog.
4) Sick baby, exhausted mama. 
5) Wedding dress shopping with a friend at a bah-eau-tiful little shop in the Village. Gorgeousness (the dresses and the bride-to-be). Made me think of/miss my beautiful dress.
6) Talking dreams and goals with a friend (in the works: acting class this fall!).
7) Family happy hour at a cute neighborhood joint.
8) More trips to Central Park (of course) and Riverside Park. Miles continues to perfect his best pick-up strategies (crawling straight into the lap of young, beautiful women is his M.O. of late).
9) A steaming, hot Sunday afternoon spent at the Museum of Natural History where the AC felt delicious and Miles saw his first moose. 
10) Gearing up for a trip to the Midwest to see my brother's family...and our first plane ride with Miles. He's been a cranky monster lately, so PRAYING it's uneventful! 

And that's about all I can remember at the moment (see No. 3). 
Picture time!
(No. 8 - Riverside Park sprinkler)
(No. 9 - Museum of Natural History fun)


Sarah Noel said...

Just found your blog--I love your "about me" section. I can relate to it so much (minus actually BEING in NY!) Your little family is so cute; love the picture at the museum!

the Reverie blog

That City Girl said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comment and glad you found me :) I am enjoying perusing your blog as well!

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